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Welcome to Service Pets, a company dedicated to helping people obtain their much-needed emotional support animal (ESA) letter. We understand that sometimes life can be hard, and it’s important to have an ESA by your side to help you through difficult times. That’s why we offer a complete, quick & easy service that take the hassle out of getting your ESA letter.

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At Service Pets, we know how hard it can be to find the right doctor and specialist who understands your situation when you need an ESA letter. We pride ourselves on offering the best service in the industry when it comes to helping you get all the necessary paperwork in order so that you are approved for an ESA letter as quickly as possible. Our team of professionals are knowledgeable about all the laws and regulations related to ESAs, so you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with honest advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

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Our Leadership Team

Jarod Walker, President of Service Pets

Jarod Walker


Meet Jarod Walker, a devoted dog lover and one of the proud owners of Service Pets. With a lifelong passion for animals, Jarod has dedicated his career to providing top-quality products and services to enhance the lives of pets and their owners. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and ethical practices, Jarod takes great pride in ensuring that his company’s offerings are top-notch and cater to a wide range of pet needs. When he’s not managing the ins and outs of the business, Jarod can be found playing fetch with his own furry best friend, a Golden Retriever named Cooper.

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Chris Campbell


Meet Chris, an advocate for pet wellness and one of the owners of Service Pets. With a belief that pets are essential to our well-being, Chris has worked tirelessly to help build a company that provides ESA and PSA letters for anyone that needs one. Chris is dedicated to aligning the company with values of Compassion, Education, Service and Community to offer pet owners with the best possible resources that they need to provide a healthy and fulfilling life with their beloved pets. When he’s not busy spreading the word about the benefits of responsible emotional support animal ownership, Chris enjoys hiking with his wife and their two dogs, a pair of Australian Shepherds named Ruffy and Luna.

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Sarah Cantero

Content Director

Meet Sarah Cantero, based out of California and an avid animal lover, and writer here at Service Pets. With years of experience handling and caring for pets of all shapes and sizes, Sarah has a true passion for improving the lives of animals and their owners through the products and services offered by Service Pets. Her dedication to the field is rooted in her belief that pets are true companions and deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. In her free time, Sarah can be found hiking with her own pets or volunteering at animal shelters.

Our Mission

Our mission at Service Pets is to be the national leader in providing fast, reliable emotional support animal letters that are guaranteed to work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the gap between those who need emotional support animals (ESAs) and those who are able to provide them by providing an easy-to-access set of services that include: mental health assessment screenings for personalized ESA letters tailored to each individual's specific needs, with ongoing support for any issues that may arise with an ESA, and access to educational resources on proper pet care.

Our Core Values


We strive to show compassion in all of our interactions with clients, providing them with a safe environment to discuss their emotional support animal needs and any other related issues. We understand that emotional support animals can be a source of comfort and healing for those struggling with mental health issues, and we are committed to helping them obtain what they need.


Our highest priority is to offer exceptional customer service and ensure that each client experiences the highest level of care. We take pride in offering prompt responses to enquiries, an easy-to-use digital platform for submitting requests, clear guidance on next steps, and timely delivery of official documents.

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We believe that knowledge is power and an essential step towards understanding how Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) can improve lives. Therefore, we are committed to educating everyone about ESAs – from therapists needing accurate advice regarding the necessary verification requirements for ESA letters, to pet owners wanting a better understanding of their pets’ rights under the law.


We know that having an emotional support animal can be a profoundly positive experience for many people, but not everyone has access to the resources or education needed when considering whether an ESA is right for them. Together, we hope to empower ESAs while providing support systems that enable more people access this type of therapy as part of their wellbeing journey.