The American foxhound, a popular service dog breed.

American Foxhounds Revealed: 10 Reasons This Breed Is So Special

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Get ready to learn all about one of my favorite dogs in the world: The American Foxhound!

You might think it’s just another breed… until you meet one.

The American Foxhound, also referred to as “American Foxes,” folks, is not your average dog.

This loyal companion has a rich history and an intriguing personality that sets them apart from other breeds. If you’re not ready for the vivaciousness of the American Foxhound, it could spell trouble.

Understanding the American Foxhound is crucial before bringing one into your home…

American Foxhound Dog Breed Overview

The American Foxhound often springs to mind when you think of an all-American breed.

This dog has a rich history that dates back over two centuries and is deeply intertwined with the early days of our nation.

American Foxhound Breed

History of the American Foxhound

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes this scent hound as one of America’s native breeds.

Bred initially for hunting foxes, these dogs have long been associated with nobility and prestige in both Europe and America.

  • Raised by George Washington:

In fact, President George Washington raised some of these trail hounds on his Mount Vernon estate.

  • An English Cousin:

The American Foxhound is a close relative of the English variety, English foxhounds, though its temperament is notably different – being just as happy to snuggle indoors as it is to pursue scents outdoors. The main difference is temperament; while both breeds love running after scents outdoors, the American Foxhound loves spending time indoors cuddling just as much.

Temperament And Personality Traits

The American Foxhound’s personality traits include loyalty, devotion, and intelligence. These dogs can be single companion pets if given enough exercise. They also make great family pets due to their friendly nature towards children.

Musical Voice: One unique trait of this breed is its musical voice, originally bred into them for hunting purposes. It’s common for owners and neighbors alike to hear melodious howls from time to time. This feature makes training at a young age important so your pet knows when to use its voice appropriately.

You might wonder what life would look like if you were lucky enough to own such a loyal and energetic friend. In the next section, we will delve deeper into the adoption process, providing insights into why adopting could be a rewarding experience for potential parents considering this particular breed.

Key Takeaway: 

The American Foxhound is a truly all-American breed with a rich history dating back over two centuries. Bred for hunting foxes, these dogs have noble origins and were even raised by President George Washington himself. While closely related to the English Foxhound, they have a unique temperament, loving outdoor adventures and indoor cuddles. Known for their loyalty, devotion, and intelligence, they make great companions for individuals or families with children. Their musical voice adds charm but requires early training. Discover more about adopting this loyal and energetic friend.

Are American Foxhounds Good Emotional Support Dogs?

You bet those floppy-eared Foxhounds can provide some down-home emotional support! Their chill Southern vibe is like a warm hug for the soul. All they need is a shady porch to snooze on and your lap to rest their head. And have you heard them bay? It’s the sweetest, laziest awooo that just says, “relax, take your time.” They’re happy to amble along if you need a walking buddy, lending an ear for all your woes. At day’s end, nothing beats curling up with this mellow hound. Their soothing country charm is dependable and comforting, like a favorite old blanket. With their laidback loyalty and congenial companionship, an American Foxhound can lend a helping paw when you need it most. Just sit a spell and let that drawling dog melt your stresses away.

Having an American Foxhound as an Emotional Support Animal is like having a best friend who’s always ready to hang out, never tires of your company, and doesn’t mind listening to your problems. So, to answer your question: American Foxhounds make fantastic Emotional Support Animals – they’re like a furry, four-legged bundle of joy and comfort! We can help you get your Foxhound ESA certified once you take the free pre-qualification test.

Are American Foxhounds Good Psychiatric Service Dogs?

Foxhounds make great PSDs! Their easygoing charm is like comfort food for the soul. Those short fuzzy coats are perfect for petting away the blues or anxiety attacks. And have you heard their mellifluous bay? It’s a syrupy “Awooo” that says “Simmer down now, ya hear?” When depression leaves you unmotivated, play a friendly game of tug to get some happy hormones flowin’! If social settings have you frazzled, this hound will happily be your plus one, providing a buffer from it all. 

Their tranquil presence is known to ease all manner of conditions – from seasonal affective disorder to obsessive behaviors. And if you need some quiet time alone, a Foxhound is happy to amble around the yard, sniffing up joy before returning with a silly, droopy grin. Yessir, with empathy, patience, and good humor, this congenial canine supports all flavors of mental health struggles. Their steadfast loyalty and lackadaisical charm are like a cozy old blanket for the soul – just what the doctor ordered! 

In terms of specific medical conditions, American Foxhound service dogs are known to assist with PTSD and other anxiety disorders. It’s safe to say that with their calming influence and empathetic nature, American Foxhounds could potentially greatly help individuals dealing with these conditions. So sit a spell with this therapeutic hound and let your troubles drift away.

Adopting an American Foxhound

The American Foxhound breed, known for its floppy ears and long muzzle, is a treasure trove of love waiting to be discovered.

You might think purebreds like the English cousin or French hounds are only available from breeders, but that’s not always true.

Reasons to Consider Adoption

American foxhounds aren’t just trail hounds but also great family pets.

Pack Hound Temperament:

  • This energetic dog breed has been originally bred as pack hounds. Their early age training in packs makes them sociable with other dogs and even cats if introduced at a young age.
  • An adopted American foxhound dog can bring harmony into multi-pet households due to their inherent social skills honed during hunting sessions with fellow scent hounds such as Irish Hounds and Treeing Walker Coonhounds.
  • If you’re looking for couch potatoes though, this may not be your ideal choice. These field trial hounds have energy levels akin to European breeds like the English Foxhound or French foxhound. But don’t worry – all it takes is some regular exercise routines.

Their history dates back centuries when Robert Brooke brought these hunting dogs over from England. George Washington himself used them in colonial times because of their superior ability to hunt foxes.

Their keen sense of smell could lead them off track on walks, so using a leash would come in handy.

If you live near wildlife areas where small animals roam freely, adopting an American foxhound should include plans towards providing secure outdoor spaces. This way, both pet safety and local fauna protection will go hand-in-hand.

Remember how we mentioned musical voice? Well, get ready for melodious barks whenever they catch interesting scents. Don’t be discouraged, though – life wouldn’t be complete without a bit of melody.

10 Places in The US You Can Adopt American Foxhounds

When considering adoption, there are many resources out there. Check out the table below for extensive listings of rescue groups across the United States specializing in different breeds, including our beloved American Foxhounds.

1Foxhound RescueLink
2Pet CuriousLink
3Adopt a PetLink
5Coonhound CompanionsLink
6ASPCA Local ShelterLink
9Texas Foxhound RescueLink
10Misfit HoundsLink

Why wait? Start exploring today, and who knows – you might end up meeting the perfect companion sooner than expected.

Key Takeaway: 

Adopting an American Foxhound is like finding a hidden gem of love. Don’t think they’re only available from breeders – consider adoption. These sociable pack hounds make great family pets but be prepared for their high energy levels. Their history dates back centuries, and they have a keen sense of smell. Look for rescue groups online to find your perfect companion now.

Exercise Needs of an American Foxhound

If you’re considering adopting an American Foxhound dog breed, prepare for a high-energy companion.

This isn’t your typical couch potato pet; these dogs are descendants from a long line of hunting foxes and trail hounds, bred to be field trial hounds with boundless energy.

Suitable Activities for Your Pet

American Foxhounds love activities that challenge their physical stamina and mental agility.

From chasing balls in the park to accompanying you on morning jogs or hikes, they thrive when engaged in energetic pursuits.

  • Jogging: This is one activity where this English cousin shines as it’s part of its genetic makeup – remember, George Washington himself was instrumental in developing this breed.
  • Hiking: With roots tracing back to French Hounds and Irish Hound breeds, these dogs have inherent endurance, making them perfect hiking companions.
  • Dog Sports: Their natural athleticism can also be channeled into competitive sports like agility training or flyball competitions found at local clubs affiliated with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Creating Adequate Space

Your American Foxhound will need space – lots of it. Provide access to large outdoor spaces such as yards or nearby parks if possible. Given their history as pack hounds, these areas allow them room for play and essential scenting exercises.

In addition, investing time in early-age socialization helps curb any tendency towards being distracted by scents during walks.

Their floppy ears, long muzzle, and musical voice make every outing interesting, so ensure there’s plenty of variety within reach.

Living Conditions Suited For An American Foxhound

The high-energy nature of the American Foxhound breed requires certain living conditions to thrive.

This isn’t a couch potato dog but an energetic breed that loves outdoor activities and needs plenty of space to run freely.

Housing Requirements

If you’re considering adopting this hunting dog originally bred for fox-hunting hounds by George Washington himself, it’s essential to consider your home environment first.

A large yard or rural setting is ideal for these trail hounds due to their need for regular exercise and exploration.

In contrast with its English cousin, the English Foxhound, our American variety might not adapt well in smaller spaces like apartments unless they are provided ample opportunities for physical activity outside daily.

Adapting To Urban Environments

This pack-oriented scent hound can adjust reasonably well in urban settings if proper care is taken.

You may find success using long walks or runs as substitutes when free-roaming yards aren’t available. However, diligent leash training from an early age since their strong instinctive drive could lead them astray following intriguing scents.

Lastly, despite being part of larger breeds similar to European Hounds, such as French and Irish Hounds, they require some time indoors to bond with family members. They crave companionship just as much as any other pet does.

So while providing adequate open space remains crucial, don’t forget about quality indoor time too.

Remember though – every pup has unique traits, so what works best will vary among dogs within the same breed.

Caring For An American Foxhound

As pet owners, caring for your American Foxhound involves more than just feeding and exercising them.

Understanding their specific needs can make a world of difference in ensuring they live happy, healthy lives.

Grooming Tips And Tricks

The coat of an American Foxhound dog breed, much like its English cousin or French foxhounds, is relatively low-maintenance due to its short length and density.

A weekly brush with a hound glove should suffice to keep it looking shiny and healthy while reducing shedding around the house.

Bathing only needs to occur when necessary, as excessive bathing may strip the natural oils from their skin, leading to dryness or irritation.

Dietary Requirements

An active breed such as this requires high-quality food that meets age-specific nutritional requirements and those needed for maintaining energy levels during exercise sessions.

This could include commercially available kibble specifically designed for large breeds or homemade meals prepared under veterinary guidance. It would be beneficial if you’re unsure what suits your furry friend best.

In addition, remember not all human foods are safe, so always check before sharing table scraps.

Maintaining proper hydration is equally important, especially after strenuous physical activities.

Fresh water should always be readily accessible at all times.

Note on Health Checks

American foxhounds generally enjoy good health, but routine checks can help identify potential issues early. Regularly checking ears, particularly floppy ones common in scent hounds, helps prevent infections caused by trapped moisture.

Veterinary Visits:

Prompt vaccinations are crucial given these dogs’ outdoor nature, exposing them to potentially harmful elements.

Finally, regular dental care, including brushing teeth at least once a week using canine toothpaste, will ensure oral hygiene, preventing gum diseases long term.

Now that we’ve covered how to care for your beloved American foxie properly let us delve into some products that might enhance the quality of life in the next section.

Key Takeaway: 

Caring for an American Foxhound involves more than just feeding and exercising them. Understanding their specific needs is crucial for their happiness and health. Grooming the short coat is easy with a weekly brush, while bathing should only occur when necessary to avoid dryness or irritation. Providing high-quality food that meets their energy requirements is important, whether it’s commercially available kibble or homemade meals under veterinary guidance. Regular health checks, vaccinations, and dental care are essential for maintaining their well-being. Now let’s explore some products that can further enhance your foxie’s quality of life.

Recommended Products For Your American Foxhound

Your American Foxhound, with its long muzzle and floppy ears, deserves nothing but the best.

This breed’s energetic nature requires specific products to keep them comfortable and healthy.

Choosing A Comfortable Bed

American foxhounds are not couch potatoes; they need a cozy place to rest after their adventurous day out in the field or on trail hunts. They need beds that provide ample support for your dog’s joints.

You should consider investing in an orthopedic bed if your hound is older or has joint issues from early-age activities like hunting foxes.

Essential Outdoor Gear

The English cousin of this breed was originally bred as pack hounds by George Washington himself for hunting purposes, so it comes naturally that these dogs love outdoor adventures.

  • An adjustable harness gives you better control over your pet during walks while ensuring comfort at all times. 
  • Durable chew toys: These can help satisfy their natural instinct to chew, which often starts at a young age.
  • A portable water bottle designed specifically for dogs: Hydration is essential, especially when exercising outdoors. You might want to look into US Service Animals’ list of puppy supplies, w# they recommend some great options.

Remember, each product must be chosen carefully, considering factors such as size (American foxhound loves spaciousness), durability (they’re pretty active.), safety features, etc.

Lastly, don’t forget about grooming essentials. A good brush will ensure less shedding around the house and also promote healthier skin & coat. This website provides excellent advice regarding how regular brushing helps reduce allergens within households.

So pamper your loyal companion with top-notch gear – because every state dog deserves the royal treatment.

Key Takeaway: 

Give your loyal American Foxhound the best with specific products to keep them comfortable and healthy. Choose a cozy bed that provides ample support for their joints, invest in an adjustable harness for better control during walks, durable chew toys to satisfy their chewing instinct, and a portable water bottle for hydration on outdoor adventures. Don’t forget grooming essentials like a good brush to reduce shedding and promote healthier skin & coat. Pamper your furry friend because every state dog deserves royal treatment.

American Foxhound FAQs

What is the story behind the American Foxhound?

The American Foxhound was developed in Virginia over 200 years ago as a hunting dog. It’s known for its endurance, speed, and ability to track scents, making it an excellent choice for hunters.

What are some interesting facts about the American Foxhound?

American Foxhounds have exceptional stamina and can run for hours without tiring. They’re also known for their melodious howl, which can be heard miles away.

Are American Foxhounds Good With Other Dogs?

You bet those easygoing Foxhounds are happy to make new dog friends! Their mellow temperament and cheerful personality make them a congenial companion for canines of all kinds. Foxhounds were bred to cooperatively hunt in packs after all. While out and about, they’ll happily sniff and socialize with neighborhood dogs, tails wagging in friendly greeting.

At home, they thrive with a furry playmate to romp and wrestle with. That signature Foxhound “awooo” is like a sweet song inviting others to join in the fun. Their gentle, affectionate nature means they get along grandly with dogs both big and small. Proper introductions and early socialization ensure a Foxhound accepts new four-legged siblings seamlessly. Though make sure they’re securely fenced – this curious hound loves to follow interesting scents for miles!

All in all, the Foxhound’s happy-go-lucky attitude makes them the ideal dog park buddy. They love to run, play chase, and make new friends.

Are American Foxhounds Good With Cats?

With proper socialization, those easygoing Foxhounds can make fast friends with felines too! While Foxhounds were bred to hunt birds and small game, their docile temperament means they’re not inherently aggressive towards cats.

Early and frequent positive exposure to cats is key to nurturing their instinct for cooperation over prey drive. Reward calm behavior and teach them to respect kitty’s space. Proper training will have them living harmoniously alongside their furry roommates in no time! Inside the home, a Foxhound will happily snooze for hours while cats zoom around and pounce. They’ll gently play bow to entice kitty into a friendly game of chase or wrestle. Though make sure kitty has escape routes if playtime gets too rambunctious!

Outdoors, be sure your yard is securely fenced, as this nose-to-the-ground hound loves to follow scents for miles. Keep cats indoors whenever your Foxhound is off-leash. Proper precautions will allow these sweet-tempered pals to snuggle and play the days away in peace. So while supervision is key, with training, this easygoing breed can absolutely thrive in homes with cats. Their innate gentleness and familiarity with the feline form means friendships are there for the making!

What are American Foxhounds known for?

American Foxhounds are renowned as scent hounds with remarkable tracking abilities. Their friendly nature makes them great family pets, while their athleticism suits active lifestyles.

Are American Foxhounds good dogs?

Yes. They’re loyal and affectionate and get along well with children and other animals. However, they require ample exercise due to their high energy levels.

Are American Foxhounds good dogs in car rides?

With their silly long ears flapping in the breeze, they’ll happily stick their head out the window taking in all the sights and smells. Just be ready for nonstop commentary as they bay at every passing car or critter. That sweet Southern drawl is music to the ears on long empty roads. Don’t even think about food without sharing – a begging Foxhound staring with those soulful eyes is impossible to resist. At journey’s end, be ready for some serious snuggles as they snooze on your lap, tuckered out from a day of adventures. With tail wags, belly rubs, and plenty of laughter along the way, a Foxhound is the perfect road trip buddy. So roll down those windows and get ready to meander across this great country together.

Get Your American Foxhound Certified as An Emotional Support Dog or Service Dog Today

If you believe that an American Foxhound could be more than just a pet; if it could serve as emotional support or even become your psychiatric service animal, then you’re at the right place. Here at Service Pets, we help pet owners like yourself certify their pets as emotional support animals or psychiatric service animals.

Take that step today towards strengthening your bond with your American Foxhound while significantly enhancing both of your lives! Take the free prequalification test today!

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