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The benefits of an ESA letter for you: An ESA letter serves as a legally acknowledged method for residing with your animal in buildings that otherwise do not allow pets. It waives the requirement for you to pay any pet-related fees or deposits. Furthermore, it allows your pet to avoid restrictions related to size, weight, and breed.

Obtaining an ESA letter: An ESA letter can be acquired through a licensed healthcare provider familiar with ESA regulations. You may be eligible if you suffer from conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or ADHD.

Seek assistance from ESA Doctors: For a legitimate ESA letter that is effective, consider partnering with a licensed therapist via ESA Doctors. The ESA Doctors team understands the significance of an animal’s affection. We are committed to supporting you at every stage, from addressing inquiries regarding ESA regulations to assisting you in interactions with your landlord.

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1) Finish the Questionnaire

Simply answer a few straightforward questions online to determine your eligibility. Our questionnaire is entirely free and easy to fill out. After submission, you have the option to pay a nominal fee—this investment can lead to significant savings over time—for one of our certified doctors to review your responses and issue the letter. We offer the most competitive prices for official letters!

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2) Our Physicians Evaluate Your Application

There’s nothing further you need to do. Our affiliated physicians, experts in mental and emotional health, will assess your eligibility. An impressive 95% of applicants through us receive approval!

3) Receive Your Letter!

Once approved, we’ll promptly notify you by email. Approval typically takes anywhere from a few minutes to up to 48 hours. You have the option to receive an instant download or a printed copy.

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Minnesota ESA
Minnesota ESA
Sara Spatenka
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"Fantastic way to end the week, Arya is officially ESA registered! The whole process was quick and simple, highly recommend it if anyone on the team is considering it!"
Texas ESA
Texas ESA
Madison K
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"I found the answer to all my ESA questions on this website, and was even able to apply through them. Reliable and affordable, would recommend!"
PSA - California
PSA - California
Chasity Rouse
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"Great service! The employees were very nice and made everything simple :)"
Georgia ESA
Georgia ESA
Jason Barger
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"I got an ESA letter fast and easy, and now I can take my pup with me anywhere. I'm a national park junkie, and I love taking my dog with me. I'm a us army veteran with ptsd, and having the ability to take my dog with me on these trips to hotels, on trains, wherever has really given me my freedom back. Thanks guys."
Florida ESA
Florida ESA
Jessica K
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"My boy comes with me everywhere I go. He is family and helps me relax during stressful times. I was so lucky to find this service to help me make this possible for Osito and I. Thank you!!!"

ESA Letter FAQ's

An ESA letter certifies your need for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) under the Fair Housing Act due to a mental or emotional disability, helping to alleviate symptoms. It doesn’t require the disclosure of your diagnosis or the disability’s severity.

Landlords are prohibited from asking for your medical records or demanding a medical examination. Your ESA letter will be on the letterhead of your healthcare professional, including their signature and the date. It also contains the professional’s license and contact details for verification purposes by landlords.

An ESA letter permits you to reside in housing units that typically prohibit pets. With a valid ESA letter, your pet is recognized as an assistance animal, exempting it from standard pet policies, such as fees, rents, and breed or size restrictions.

This accommodation must be made by various housing providers, including apartments, condos, co-ops, and HOAs.

You are not required to register your ESA. The ESA letter alone is sufficient documentation to recognize and qualify your emotional support animal.


An ESA letter is specifically for housing rights and does not extend to public places where pets are usually not allowed. While hotels are not required to accommodate ESAs, some may choose to if presented with an ESA letter. Always check the establishment’s policy on ESAs in advance.

A valid ESA letter must be issued by a healthcare provider licensed in your state. This includes a range of professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and licensed counselors. Physicians can also write ESA letters, but it’s not a requirement for them to do so. ESA Doctors collaborates with various licensed professionals knowledgeable about ESA benefits.

The U.S. Department of Housing recognizes ESA letters from licensed professionals operating remotely. Online therapists provide a critical service for those who may find in-person therapy inaccessible due to various personal constraints.

An ESA letter can be obtained either before or after you adopt your ESA. The letter may recommend the number and type of ESAs needed, but not specific animals.

Yes, if deemed necessary by your healthcare provider, a single ESA letter can endorse the need for more than one emotional support animal without needing separate letters for each.

According to HUD guidelines, ESA letters do not need to be notarized. A healthcare professional’s ink or digital signature suffices, and there’s no need for perjury statements within the letter. These guidelines aim to eliminate unnecessary barriers for tenants with valid ESA letters.

A digital copy of your ESA letter is provided and immediately usable. While an original signature is not required, the letter includes your provider’s contact and license information for verification. Should you require a hard copy, this can also be arranged.