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The Extraordinary Eurasier Dog: Uncover 7 Secrets of This Unique Breed!

If you’re considering the addition of a Eurasier dog to your family, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision. As a medium-sized companion dog breed originating from Germany, the Eurasier has captured hearts around the world due to its unique appearance and temperament.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating history and origins of this breed that was developed by German breeder Julius Wipfel through crossbreeding Wolfspitz and Chow Chow dogs. We’ll also discuss their calm disposition, which makes them ideal for families with children as well as their adaptability to various living situations.

Additionally, we will explore important aspects such as exercise requirements, grooming needs, and training techniques specifically tailored for young dogs, like clicker training combined with positive reinforcement methods. Lastly, we’ll touch upon common health concerns in Eurasiers and how regular vet visits can help monitor potential issues.

We aim to arm you with the necessary facts about Eurasier canines so that you can make an informed decision on whether they are a good fit for your household.

The Eurasier Dog: A Unique and Versatile Companion

Eurasier dogs are great emotional support animals

I recently dog sat a Eurasier for a week for a friend of mine, and it was one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve ever had. This breed is relatively rare, so when I heard that my friend needed someone to look after their pup, I jumped at the chance.

The moment this beautiful creature crossed through my front door, something special happened. He approached me with such confidence yet gentleness that it almost felt like he wanted to tell me how happy he was that we were meeting each other. We immediately bonded and spent every day together playing outside in the garden or taking long walks along the riverbank. His enthusiasm and energy kept us going all day long, and he was excellent with my lab.

One night we played fetch in the park for a few hours and then headed back home for dinner. After his meal, however, instead of running around or playing games, this gorgeous little guy curled up next to me on the couch with his head resting on my lap – peacefully contented by our bond of friendship created over those past few days together.

It was truly a heartwarming experience watching him. At last, weekend’s end came too soon but before leaving my house he looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes filled with love and gratitude – as if he knew how much joy having him there brought into my life during those seven wonderful days! I love this breed.

Julius Wipfel: The German Breeder Behind the Eurasier

Julius Wipfel’s love for Wolf Spitz and Chow Chow inspired him to develop the Eurasier, a breed that combines the best traits of both breeds, with the sociability of Samoyed added later on.

Popularity of Eurasiers Across the Globe


      • Europe: The Eurasier’s friendly nature and unique appearance have made it a popular pet across European countries.

      • Americas: The American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club have officially recognized the Eurasier, but it is still not as popular in North America.

      • Oceania & Asia: Interest in this beautiful double-coated canine has grown steadily among pet owners in countries like Australia and Japan.

    Temperament and Family Compatibility

    The Eurasier dog is a loyal and calm companion with a thick undercoat and outer coat that gets along well with children and other pets when supervised.

    Eurasiers Are Patient With Young Kids

    Eurasiers are affectionate and protective towards children but always supervise interactions for safety.

    Interactions With Cats or Smaller Animals

    With proper socialization, Eurasiers can coexist peacefully with cats and smaller animals.


        • Learn more about Eurasiers as officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

        • Find out how UKC describes this medium-sized German breeder dog breed in terms of appearance and temperament.

        • Discover available rescue dogs within your region through the United States Eurasier Club’s Rescue Network.

        • Consider the Eurasier dog breed if you’re looking for a thick-coated, double-coated, pure white wolf chow or wolf spitz.

        • Eurasiers are a great companion dog breed that originated in Germany and are now recognized by various kennel clubs worldwide.

      Exercise Requirements and Activity Level

      The Eurasier dog, a medium-sized breed, is known for its relatively low-energy nature compared to other dog breeds.

      However, providing them with daily exercise is essential to maintain good health and behavior.

      Engaging in activities such as walks or playtime with other dogs can keep them physically fit while promoting mental stimulation.

      Importance of Regular Physical Activity

      Daily exercise prevents boredom that may lead to destructive behaviors. A dog that is routinely engaged in physical activity will likely be more tranquil and content while at home.

      Also, regular physical activity strengthens the bond between you and your pet, ensuring a happy relationship throughout their lifetime.

      Suitable Exercises Tailored to Their Energy Levels


          • Walks: Taking your Eurasier on daily walks around the neighborhood or park provides both physical exercise and mental stimulation through exploring new scents and sights.

          • Playtime: Interactive games like fetch or tug-of-war help burn off excess energy while providing an opportunity for training reinforcement.

          • Dog parks: Visiting local dog parks allows your Eurasian dog socialization opportunities with other canines in a controlled environment – just make sure they are up-to-date on vaccinations before visiting.

          • Puzzle toys: Providing puzzle toys filled with treats can engage their minds during downtime at home when outdoor activities aren’t possible due to weather conditions or time constraints.

        Incorporating these exercises into your routine will ensure that you meet the needs of this unique breed and maintain a healthy, happy companion.

        9 Places Where You Can Adopt a Eurasier From

        Rank Location Name of Organization Why It’s Great
        1 Nationwide USEC (United States Eurasier Club) They are dedicated to the rescue and support of Eurasiers, and can provide resources and assistance.
        2 Nationwide AKC Rescue Network With clubs located in every state, they offer plenty of opportunities to get involved and adopt a Eurasier.
        3 Nationwide Edelweiss Eurasiers They rescue and rehome Eurasiers in need, ensuring they find a good forever home.
        4 Nationwide ASPCA They have a wide network of rescues and shelters nationwide, potentially including Eurasiers.
        5 Los Angeles, California Ken-Mar Rescue Known for their commitment to finding homes for rescue pets, they might have Eurasiers available for adoption.
        6 Chicago, Illinois One Tail at a Time A dedicated organization that may have Eurasiers in need of a loving home.
        7 San Francisco, CA Muttville Senior Dog Rescue If you’re open to adopting an older Eurasier, this rescue specializes in finding homes for senior dogs.
        8 Nationwide Vetstreet An online resource that provides information about Eurasiers, including how to adopt them.
        9 Nationwide Petfinder A comprehensive database that allows you to search for dogs for adoption, including Eurasiers.

        Grooming Tips for Your Eurasian Dog

        Regular grooming is essential for maintaining the health and beauty of your Eurasian dog’s thick double coat, which is quite the opposite of short-haired dogs, such as the Nordic Spitz.

        Brushing Techniques for Double-Coated Breeds

        Use slicker brushes or metal combs to gently brush your dog’s outer coat and dense undercoat, preventing matting and keeping their fur in top condition.

        Managing Shedding Periods


            • Spring: Daily brushing during springtime helps remove loose hairs and reduce excessive shedding.

            • Fall: Regular grooming sessions can help manage increased shedding as your dog grows a new, thicker coat for colder weather.

            • Bathing: Bathing every few months is recommended, but be careful not to overdo it as frequent baths can strip natural oils from their skin.

          Following these tips will keep your Eurasian dog’s coat healthy, beautiful, and free of matting issues.

          Puppy Training Essentials: Start Early with Your Eurasier

          Train your Eurasier puppy early to develop socialization skills and polite manners with family and friends.

          Socialization is crucial for this intelligent breed to grow up as well-adjusted adults.

          Why Socialization is Important


              • Boosts confidence: Exposing your Eurasier puppy to different environments, people, and animals helps them become more confident.

              • Prevents behavioral issues: Well-socialized dogs are less likely to develop aggression or excessive barking.

              • Eases adaptation: A properly socialized dog will have an easier time adapting to new experiences throughout their life.

            Clicker Training Techniques for Eurasiers

            Clicker training works well with the responsive nature of the Eurasian dog.


                1. Choose appropriate rewards: Select high-value treats that motivate your pup while considering their dietary needs.

                1. Be consistent: Ensure all family members use the same commands and techniques during training sessions.

              By dedicating time and effort to early training, you can help your Eurasier puppy grow into a well-mannered, sociable adult that is a joy to have as part of the family.

              Health Concerns and Veterinary Care

              Regular vet visits are crucial for maintaining Eurasier’s health and catching potential issues early on.

              Common Genetic Disorders Among Spitz-type Breeds


                  • Hip Dysplasia: A common condition in medium-sized dogs that can lead to arthritis and pain.

                  • Elbow Dysplasia: This affects the development of the elbow joint and can cause lameness or discomfort.

                  • Patella Luxation: A dislocated kneecap that can lead to mobility issues if left untreated.

                  • Hypothyroidism: A disorder affecting thyroid function that may result in weight gain, lethargy, or skin/coat problems.

                  • Missing Non-Essential Teeth: Eurasian dogs might have missing teeth which are not essential but still need attention from a veterinarian.

                The Importance of Regular Vet Visits

                Scheduling routine veterinary appointments is vital for maintaining Eurasier’s health and catching potential issues early on. Annual check-ups for young dogs and bi-annual check-ups for senior dogs are what we recommend. Collaborating with your vet is key to making sure your furry friend gets the personalized attention they deserve. Additionally, your vet can recommend vaccinations and preventative measures to protect your pet from common canine illnesses.

                Finding a Responsible Breeder or Rescue Network

                Looking for a Eurasier pup? Find a reputable breeder who cares about their dogs’ health and well-being, or check out the United States Eurasier Club’s Rescue Network for adoptable dogs.

                Factors Affecting Pricing in Different Regions


                    • Breeder reputation: Experienced breeders may charge more for their pups.

                    • Pedigree: Dogs from champion bloodlines or with unique traits may cost more.

                    • Demand: As Eurasiers gain popularity, prices may increase in certain areas.

                  Utilizing Rescue Networks to Find Adoptable Eurasier Dogs

                  Giving a pup another opportunity to find a family to care for them and fighting off unethical breeding practices can be done by adopting rescue networks. Check out the United States Eurasier Club’s Rescue Network to find adoptable pets near you.

                  Common Eurasier FAQ’s

                  What are the health issues with Eurasiers?

                  Eurasiers may experience genetic health problems such as hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and hypothyroidism, but regular vet visits and reputable breeders can help ensure healthy puppies.

                  Are Eurasiers good family dogs?

                  Eurasiers make excellent family dogs due to their calm disposition and adaptability to different living situations, especially for families with children.

                  Are Eurasiers Good Emotional Support Dogs?

                  These fluffy, loveable creatures are known for their good looks and charming personalities and their remarkable ability to provide emotional support. With their soulful eyes and gentle demeanor, a Eurasier dog might be the perfect furry therapist you never knew you needed.

                  One of the key ingredients to a successful emotional support animal is their temperament, and Eurasiers have that in spades. They’re known for being calm, well-balanced, and incredibly affectionate, making them ideal companions for those seeking emotional comfort. Their wagging tails and warm snuggles can easily turn a frown upside down!

                  Eurasier dogs are highly intuitive and possess an uncanny ability to sense emotions. They know when you need a cuddle or a friendly paw on your lap to help you through tough times. Their empathy and loyalty make them wonderful listeners, even if they can’t offer verbal advice. Eurasiers are also eager to please and can quickly learn how to assist and comfort their humans in various situations, making them reliable and adaptable support partners. We definitely recommend Eurasiers as ESAs!

                  Are Eurasiers Good Service Dogs?

                  Eurasier dogs are known for their intelligence and eagerness to learn. With their bright minds and attentive nature, they can quickly pick up on new commands and tasks, making them great candidates for specialized training. They’re like furry little scholars, just waiting to absorb knowledge and put it into action!

                  Their calm and well-balanced temperament is another quality that sets Eurasiers apart. In the realm of service dogs, it’s crucial to have a steady companion who can handle various situations with grace and composure. Eurasiers fit the bill perfectly, as they remain poised and focused even in bustling environments.

                  Now, let’s talk about their playful and affectionate side! Eurasier dogs are known for being exceptionally friendly, forming strong bonds with their humans. This means they’re dedicated to their service work and provide a joyful companionship that can brighten up any day.

                  While Eurasiers possess many qualities that make them potentially excellent service dogs, it’s essential to remember that each dog is an individual. The success of a Eurasier as a service dog will depend on factors such as temperament, training, and the specific needs of their handler. However, with proper training and the right match, a Eurasier dog could be the perfect blend of care, fun, and dependable service.

                  How Much Do Eurasiers Cost?

                  On average, the cost of a Eurasier puppy from a reputable breeder ranges between $1,500 and $2,500. This price tag may seem like a pretty penny, but it’s essential to remember that you’re investing in a lifelong friend who will shower you with love and joy for years to come. Besides, can you really put a price on those adorable fluffy faces and wagging tails?

                  It’s worth noting that the cost of a Eurasier puppy can vary depending on factors such as the breeder’s reputation, the puppy’s lineage, and the availability of puppies in your area. When searching for your perfect furry companion, be sure to prioritize breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs, as this will ensure that you bring home a happy and healthy pup.

                  While the initial cost of a Eurasier puppy may seem steep, don’t forget to factor in the ongoing expenses associated with pet ownership. These lovable canines will require food, grooming, routine veterinary care, and other essentials throughout their lives. However, their joy, love, and companionship make every penny spent a worthwhile investment in your shared happiness.

                  Is Eurasier a good first dog?

                  Eurasier is suitable for first-time dog owners because of its friendly nature, intelligence, moderate exercise requirements, early socialization, and consistent training.

                  What is the history of the Eurasier dog?

                  The Eurasier was developed in Germany during the 1960s by Julius Wipfel through crossbreeding Wolfspitz (Keeshond), Chow Chow, and Samoyed breeds to create a medium-sized companion dog with desirable traits from each parent breed.

                  Certify Your Eurasier as An Emotional Support Dog or Service Dog Today!

                  This breed is truly one-of-a-kind, making them a great addition to your home. They are loyal and loving companions that will surely bring you and your family plenty of joy and entertainment. 

                  This beautiful Spitz-type breed needs plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and regular grooming to stay healthy – but they are worth the effort! Don’t let the list of genetic disorder concerns discourage potential owners – be sure to research reputable breeders and discuss health clearances with them before adding your new furry friend. 

                  If you’re ready for the wonderful experience of owning an Eurasier as a support or service dog, take our free pre-qualification test today. Let us help make sure that you’re properly investing in your pup – so you can start enjoying dynamic, energetic days spent with your little furry companion!

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