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Yo! We are the ultimate go-to in Jersey to get your furry BFF officially certified as an Emotional Support Animal or a Psychiatric Service Animal for when you gotta travel. Get your hands on the holy grail – the ESA letter! We gotchu and your furry fam covered! Take control of your life and fly high with your fellow four-legged emotional support sidekick. Ready to take the next step? Let’s do this!

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Happy ESA Letter Customers in New Jersey

Maria Shawl
Maria Shawl
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"I owe Service Pets a world of gratitude for making the process of obtaining an ESA letter for my pet so effortless and pain-free. As someone battling anxiety, my furry companion has been an absolute lifesaver for me! But the process of getting an ESA letter was so complex and scary. Thankfully, Service Pets made it an absolute breeze and I couldn't be more thankful for their assistance!"
Ian Fogleman
Ian Fogleman
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Dude, let me tell you about how awesome Service Pets has been for me. Getting my dog ESA certified has been a game changer. Before, I used to be hesitant to go outside and make new friends due to my anxiety, but now with my furry companion by my side, it's a whole new world.Their knowledge and expertise is second to none. With my dog now officially recognized as an ESA, I feel more comfortable and confident, and it's opened up a whole new level of social interaction for me. Thanks, Service Pets!
Jonny Cane
Jonny Cane
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What do you get when you combine a pup and some paperwork? An ESA, baby! Thanks to the awesome team at Service Pets, getting my furry friend certified was a breeze. Having an ESA has given me a routine that includes more exercise, fresh air, and social interaction. Overall, I'm feeling healthier and happier than ever before. Who needs a gym membership when you've got a furry friend as your personal trainer?"

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Certify Your Pet as An Emotional Support Animal in New Jersey

For anyone struggling with mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, or PTSD, having an emotional support animal (ESA) can be iconic. ESAs provide a sense of safety and unconditional love that’s #goals. In New Jersey, if you have an ESA letter, your pet can legally come with you to places where other pets aren’t allowed. It’s lit! Having official documentation can change your life dramatically. At ESA Partners, we get that life can be a rollercoaster, and that’s why we work to make getting an ESA letter as easy as swiping right. Yo, getting an ESA letter might seem like an additional task, but it’s essential. It’s the only way to get the support you and your furry Insta-followers need in the most fire way possible.

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New Jersey Get a Fast ESA Letter in 3 Simple Steps

Don’t underestimate the power of your furry friend! They’re more than just pets. They’re your ride or die, your homie, your emotional support animal. We’ll hook you up with an ESA letter quicker than you can say “Scooby Doo, where are you?” So you and your furry entourage can roam the city sans judgement and with legal protection. Because let’s be real, nothing can stop a New Jerseyan and their furry sidekick!

1. Apply Online

Yo! Take a sec to answer our fast n’ free questionnaire and see if you qualify! With no obligations, peep the results – if they match, shell out a teeny fee that’ll save you huge in the long run for one of our med experts to review it. Our prices are crazy low for the official ESA letter in New Jersey!

2. Doctor Review

Don’t fret! Our docs are mental and emotional health gurus, who’ll size up your situation! Rest assured, close to 95% of our supplicants manage to get the green-light.

3. Get Your ESA Letter

Upon confirmation, we’ll slide into your inbox with good news – it could take minutes, or up to a day. Quick as lightning, you can download stuff, print copies, and even grab yourself a swanky service vest or slick training manual for your ride or die companion! #furbabyperks

Service Pets makes getting your ESA letter in New Jersey simple. It’s snuggle time!

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Change Your Life with an ESA!

An emotional support animal (ESA) can be a powerful source of comfort and support. These animals provide unconditional love, companionship, and non-judgmental acceptance which can greatly improve the lives of people who suffer from psychological disabilities or other mental health issues. Studies show that ESAs are associated with decreased levels of anxiety and depression, improved physical and mental health, increased social interaction, and even improved cognitive functioning. Here are some key facts about ESAs:

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Frequently Asked Questions about ESAs in New Jersey

FAQ Table of Contents

New Jersey ESA Letter Certification FAQs

In New Jersey, any licensed mental health professional (LMHP) can write an ESA letter. This includes psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers and psychiatric nurses. It's just like that classic Destiny's Child song "Independent Women" – no matter where you are in the Garden State, you can get your own ESA documentation without needing a third party. So go forth and get your freedom!


And while you're at it, don't forget to follow all the other New Jersey laws governing ESAs. That means that you can bring your ESA with you anywhere your heart desires (e.g., housing and travel) as long as they are well-behaved and under your control at all times. Plus, you don't have to pay any pet deposits or fees – how cool is that? So now there's no reason not to get your ESA letter and start enjoying the emotional benefits right away.

Service Pets understands just how important an Emotional Support Animal is in your life dude. That's why our online booking process is super convenient. Get your ESA letter from experienced mental health experts. Our free prequalification test is just a couple clicks away.


Getting an ESA letter in New Jersey doesn't have to be a bank-breaker. The cost of this essential piece of paper that can help improve your life can range from $100 to about $300, depending on the service and the therapist you go with. But don't worry – it's not like paying full price for concert tickets or a new pair of Air Jordans. A little bit of research and you can find a price that's just right for your wallet. So don't break the bank – get your emotional service animal letter today!

What's in the New Jersey ESA Letter? Let me break it down:

  1. The letter should be written and signed by a licensed mental health professional, like a social worker, psychiatrist, or psychologist.
  2. Before you get too excited, they need to include their license info and location.
  3. The purpose of the letter is to clarify that it's an ESA letter, to provide the necessary pet support for better mental health.
  4. Of course, the letter needs to specify what breed or kind of animal  your  emotional support animal is.
  5. The letter has to explain what mental health condition you have and how an emotional support animal is essential to your treatment.
  6. Your ESA letter also needs to specify how long it is valid for, and the date that is was signed.
  7. If the letter includes their professional letterhead, contact information, and signature; you know they're legit.

Living with an emotional support animal in New Jersey can be the best thing ever — but there are rules and regulations you should know before bringing your furry friend home. Here's everything you need to know about navigating NJ ESA laws:


First things first, make sure you get a letter of prescription from a licensed mental health professional (like a psychiatrist or psychologist) to confirm your need for an ESA. This letter should be updated every year, so plan accordingly!


In New Jersey, you're not allowed to bring your ESA into any place that has a no pets policy — like restaurants and stores. The good news is that you can access public accommodations with your ESA as long as it's not disruptive. So make sure to keep your furry friend well-behaved in public!


It's also important to remember that the Fair Housing Act allows you to have an ESA, even if a landlord has a no pets policy. Just provide your letter of prescription and (hopefully) they'll be open to making exceptions.


And don't forget — your ESA needs to be under your control at all times. Make sure you have a leash and/or harness on hand when you're out in public!


There you have it — the basics of navigating NJ ESA laws. Now, go forth and spend quality time with your furry bestie!

No way, just like how a donut isn't a bagel (even though they both have holes).


An ESA is a lovable companion that gives emotional support to people with mental disabilities like anxiety or depression. They're not trained to do any special tricks; they just offer unconditional love and comfort. It's like having a therapist that's fluffy and doesn't judge you.


But, a PSA (or psychiatric service animal) is like an assistant that's been trained to help people with disabilities. They can do things like sense panic attacks before they happen, remind their owners to take their medication, or lead them through crowds if they experience social anxiety. They're like an extra set of hands (or paws) when you need them most.


To sum it up, ESAs are like the warm blankets of the animal world, while PSAs are like a personal assistant with fur. They both are crucial in helping people with mental disabilities, but in different ways. And no, you can't just slap an ESA vest on any pet and sneak them into the movies (trust us, we've tested).

Are you an animal lover looking to adopt an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) in the Garden State? Look no further! There are a number of places that offer adoption services for ESAs. Here’s a list of our top picks:


  • NJSPCA: The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA) are dedicated to protecting animals in the state of New Jersey. They offer a variety of adoption services, including those for ESAs. Visit their website to find out more.
  • Rescue One NJ: Rescue One NJ is an animal rescue organization that offers adoption services for a wide range of animals—including ESAs. 
  • The Animal Welfare Association: The Animal Welfare Association is dedicated to the humane treatment and welfare of all domestic companion animals in New Jersey. They offer various adoption services, including those for ESAs.  
  • Second Chance Pet Adoption League: Second Chance Pet Adoption League is a non-profit organization that provides shelter and adoption services to animals in need. They offer specialized adoption services for ESAs. Visit their website to learn more.
  • Monmouth County SPCA: Monmouth County SPCA is an organization dedicated to helping animals in need and reducing animal cruelty in New Jersey. They offer adoptions services for ESAs.


We hope this list of places to adopt an ESA in New Jersey helps you on your journey toward finding the perfect pet. Good luck!

New Jersey ESA Law FAQs

It's a bit of an understatement to say that folks in New Jersey are passionate about their state. From "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen and the Shore to Newark's thriving arts scene, there's no denying that NJ has something special. But what about its stance on ESA (Emotional Support Animals)? Is New Jersey an ESA-friendly state?


The good news is that the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, New Jersey has some of the most comprehensive laws in the country when it comes to protecting the rights of ESA owners. According to state law, landlords must allow ESAs into rental properties, even if there are breed or size restrictions in place. Additionally, ESAs are exempt from pet fees or deposits and must be given the same access rights as service animals under the law.


Additionally, New Jersey has passed a number of laws to protect ESA owners from discrimination. In particular, the state prohibits landlords from denying an applicant based on their need for an emotional support animal. This means that even if the rental property does not normally allow pets, landlords must make an exception for ESAs.

Yes, New Jersey's ESA laws do stand apart from the rest of the USA. After all, with a slogan like "the Garden State," it makes sense that New Jersey would have some pretty strict regulations when it comes to emotional support animals (ESAs). All kidding aside, though—New Jersey does have its own set of ESA laws, which are unique compared to the laws in other states.


For starters, New Jersey requires that all ESA owners must provide medical and behavioral documentation from a licensed mental health professional that proves their pet is helping them cope with an emotional or psychological disability. This is especially important if you're renting—your landlord can request this documentation in order to verify your ESA's eligibility.


New Jersey also requires that all ESAs must be properly trained in order to stay in public places, and the owners are held responsible for any damage or injury caused by their pet. This is important to keep in mind when taking your ESA out for a walk—you should always be proactive about keeping your pet under control and following the law.


Your ESA will also need to be registered with a city or county animal control office, have all of its vaccinations up-to-date, and wear an ESA identification tag at all times. These registration requirements may seem daunting, but they're important for protecting both your pet and other people in public spaces.


All in all, New Jersey does have its own set of ESA laws that are distinct from other states—but they're there for good reason. It's important to keep up with the regulations so you can make sure your pet is safe and healthy, while also ensuring public safety.

When it comes to having an emotional support animal (ESA) in the state of New Jersey, you may be surprised to learn that different cities have different laws! So if you're thinking about getting one, it's important to know what kind of rules and regulations you'll need to follow.


For instance, let's take a look at Jersey City. Here, you'll need to have your ESA certified and registered with the local animal control department before you can take them out in public. The good news is that Jersey City also has a number of pet-friendly businesses and parks where you can bring your furry friend!


Over in Trenton, however, things are a bit different. Although you still need to register your ESA with local animal control, there's no requirement that they be certified and the rules around public places are less strict. This means that you can take your ESA to more places in Trenton than Jersey City!


And if you're considering getting an ESA for yourself, it would definitely be worth it to research your local laws and regulations. That way, you'll make sure that you and your furry pal can enjoy life in the Garden State without any misunderstandings!

If you’re looking for an ESA in New Jersey, you may be asking yourself: “Do I qualify for an ESA letter?” The good news is that pet owners in the Garden State are covered by both state and federal laws when it comes to owning an emotional support animal (ESA).


Under the Fair Housing Act, it is illegal to discriminate against people with ESAs in housing. Also, the Air Carrier Access Act ensures that your ESA can travel with you on a flight at no extra cost. So if you are looking for a furry friend to provide emotional support and companionship, an ESA might be right up your alley! Just make sure you get an official letter from a licensed mental health professional to verify your ESA status. Then you’ll be ready to start enjoying all the benefits of having an emotional support pet in New Jersey!


Happy companion hunting! 🐶😁😊🐱👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

Yes, you can absolutely have more than one ESA in New Jersey! Emotional Support Animals are incredibly important and having two of them to provide extra comfort, support, and companionship is totally valid.


In fact, some folks may even say that two ESAs are better than one—it's like having a buddy system for emotional wellbeing! It's like when Beyonce said, “If you like it then you better put a ring on it" except we'll say, "If you need extra emotional support, put an ESA on it!" So if you think two ESAs the right fit for your needs in New Jersey, go for it! Just make sure to follow all the laws and regulations that are in place to ensure everyone stays safe and your ESA is legally protected.

New Jersey ESA Housing Laws FAQs

The answer to this question is a resounding no! In New Jersey, it's unlawful for landlords to discriminate against ESA owners. According to the Fair Housing Act, any landlord who attempts to do so can face serious legal repercussions. The law also states that an ESA must be allowed reasonable access in all areas of the premises that are available to other tenants.


So, if you're an ESA owner living in New Jersey, you can rest easy knowing that your furry friend is protected! Just keep in mind to obey the regulations and ensure that your ESA behaves properly so as not to disturb other tenants. So just like The Weeknd said: "Can't Feel My Face" when it comes to discrimination against ESA owners in New Jersey!

Yes! According to the New Jersey Emotional Support Animal (ESA) laws, landlords are allowed to request documentation from medical professionals that shows a tenant's need for an ESA. The only time this isn't true is when the tenant has a disability that is not related to an emotional or mental condition.


So, if you're living in New Jersey and your landlord is asking for ESA certification, it's probably best to grab the paperwork and show them why Fido (or whatever furry friend you have) should be allowed to live with you. After all, who doesn't want a cuddle buddy? And with the right paperwork, you can give them exactly that! So don't stress, just get your documentation in order and show your landlord why Fido is the perfect companion for you! 

It's a tough situation, but even if your landlord has a "no-pets" policy, emotional service animals are still allowed in New Jersey. Just like Notorious B.I.G said, "Mo Money Mo Problems", so the same goes for emotional support animals — they come with more rights than you might think!


While landlords can deny standard pets, they cannot deny emotional service animals. So if you need a companion to help with your mental health, don't worry about what your landlord says — just take this as a sign to "Mo' Pets Mo' Rights". You've got this!

In New Jersey, landlords cannot charge pet fees or deposits for Emotional Support Animals (ESAs). That's right - ESAs are off the hook! Let's just say that ESAs in the Garden State don't have to pay rent...emotionally speaking of course. So whether you're a labradoodle, pug, or a pet rock, your ESA won't have to pay rent in New Jersey.


But it's not all about the money: ESAs are still expected to abide by the rules of their landlord (like any other tenant would be required to do), so make sure you keep yourself and your ESA well-behaved! And while your ESA might not be paying rent, it's still important to show appreciation for your landlord and any other tenants in the building. After all, they're sharing their living space with you and your furry friend!

In New Jersey, the law states that if you have an emotional support animal (ESA), you must inform your landlord of this before moving in.


So yes, if you have an ESA and live in New Jersey, it's time to put on your "I'm not a lawyer" hat and give your landlord a heads up! That way, you can avoid any potential drama and all live in peace. Plus, your landlord might appreciate knowing that Fluffy is there to provide comfort and support! Happy living! 🐾🏡

No, a landlord in New Jersey cannot restrict ESA owners based on breed or size. This is because the law protects emotional support animals in this state regardless of their breed or size.


So if you're an ESA owner living in New Jersey, don't worry - your furry friend has got your back! Just remember to provide proper documentation from a licensed mental health professional to your landlord and you'll be golden. Who knows, maybe you could even name your fur baby after a Jersey-themed celebrity - Snooki, Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi!

Yes, there are exceptions to New Jersey ESA housing laws. For example, if your emotional service animal is a mini T-Rex from Jurassic Park, then you won't be able to take it with you! That's because the laws don't (yet) cover prehistoric species.


Here are some more specific exceptions to New Jersey ESA housing laws:


  • If your emotional service animal is dangerous or disruptive, it may not be allowed in certain areas. This could include barking excessively, attacking other animals, or destroying property.
  • Some landlords may require written proof from a licensed mental health professional that the animal is necessary for the tenant's emotional well-being.
  • Landlords may also require that the animal be vaccinated and obey all local laws, such as leash restrictions.
  • If your animal causes damage to the property, you may be responsible for covering any repair costs.
  • In certain cases, landlords may have the right to deny service animals if they cause a fundamental alteration to the property.
  • Landlords may also require that the tenant provide proof of insurance for any possible damage caused by the animal.
  • Finally, some landlords may reserve the right to ask for more information about the animal before allowing it to stay on their premises.


Remember, although emotional service animals are welcomed in New Jersey, there are still some exceptions to the law. Make sure you know what they are before bringing your furry (or scaly!) friend home!

It's a tough situation for college students living in on-campus housing in New Jersey but there is hope. The good news is that emotional support animals (ESAs) are allowed under certain conditions and laws. Here's the lowdown on what you need to know:


  • According to New Jersey law, ESAs can be allowed in on-campus housing if they are prescribed by a licensed mental health professional.
  • Check with your college to make sure that ESAs are allowed in their personal policies.
  • Some colleges, like Rutgers University and Princeton University, allow for emotional support animals in campus housing if the student has appropriate documentation from a mental health professional.
  • Other colleges, like Rowan University and Montclair State University have guidelines that require the student to register their ESA with the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Make sure your ESA meets the requirements set by your college. Many will not allow certain animals, such as reptiles or exotic animals.
  • If you are allowed to have an ESA in your on-campus housing, be sure to abide by all of the rules set by your college.


So, it looks like emotional service animals are welcome on some college campuses in New Jersey as long as you have the proper documentation and follow any guidelines or policies from your campus. Good luck!


Register your emotional support animal with the university and provide appropriate documentation from a licensed mental health professional. This documentation should verify the need for the animal and the tasks it performs to alleviate symptoms of your disability.

Secondly, the animal must be well-behaved, housebroken, and not pose a danger to other students or university staff. Sorry, no attack chihuahuas allowed!


Lastly, the university may require you to sign a liability waiver and assume full responsibility for your furry friend's actions. So, make sure you're up for the paw-sibility before bringing an emotional support animal to college.


But, hey, who wouldn't want a cute and cuddly companion to snuggle up with during late-night study sessions or stressful exams? Just remember, having an emotional support animal is a dog-gone serious responsibility!

New Jersey ESA Employment Laws FAQs

Yes, you can bring your ESA to your office in New Jersey! The laws of the Garden State are definitely on your side when it comes to emotional service animals. Just make sure you let your boss know ahead of time that Frank (or whatever creative pet name you’ve come up with) will be spending the day in the office! Don't worry - you don’t have to offer a standing ovation like Kevin Bacon did in Animal House. “I got it, I got it! Frank is allowed in the office!"


Just remember that no matter how much your pup loves scooching up to the reception desk, make sure he/she stays off of furniture and away from eating any office snacks! Now go forth and take your ESA to the office like a boss. You got this!


Happy pup-working! 🐶💻 🐕 📝 🤩

Yes, an employer in New Jersey must provide reasonable accommodations for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Under the laws of New Jersey, employers are required to make reasonable accommodations in order to allow an ESA on their premises.


This means that if you have a furry friend who provides emotional support, your boss can't deny them from coming to work with you! Just like that famous line from 'Legally Blonde' says, "Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed." Emotional Support Animals are in, and it's time to embrace them. So New Jersey employers, don't be scared of the tail-wagging cuteness that comes with emotional support animals – they're here to stay!

New Jersey ESA Travel Laws FAQs

Are you an ES (emotional support) or PSA (psychiatric service animal) lover who is looking to spread your furry wings and explore the world? Well, look no further! Flying out of New Jersey with your ESA or PSA by your side is totally possible. All it takes is a little bit of research and planning ahead, and your international travels will be ready for take-off.


So whether you’re headed to London or Tokyo, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork lined up – it will help ensure a smooth journey for both you and your furry friend. Bon voyage!


Happy travels! 🐶🤩✈️

If you're a New Jersey resident and your ESA is ready for takeoff, then the answer to this question is a big "YES!" Just make sure to plan ahead and follow all applicable regulations from the airline. That means double-checking what size pet crate they allow and if there are any specific requirements for ESA documentation. After that's sorted, you can get ready to fly the friendly skies with your furry friend! So don't be a "Jersey Shore" when it comes to flying with your ESA—find out what you need and get ready for takeoff!


Good luck and happy travels. 🐶✈️🛫🛬

New Jersey ESA Public Access Laws FAQs

New Jersey is serious about their ESA Public Access Laws, and they don't want to mess around with them. Making sure that persons with disabilities can access public facilities as easily as anyone else isn't something that the Garden State takes lightly.


For those who haven't heard of them before, ESA (or Emotional Support Animal) laws provide for people with disabilities to receive accommodations, like the ability to bring their ESA into public spaces or businesses.


It's important that we all do our part in ensuring that everyone can access the same rights and privileges so that New Jersey can continue to be a great place for all its residents! So don't forget your furry friend next time you're headed out - they could be just what you need to put a smile back on your face.


For more information about New Jersey's ESA Public Access Laws, make sure to visit the official website the state government!


There you can find all sorts of helpful resources and guidelines for making sure everyone is in compliance with these laws. With the right knowledge, you can help make sure that New Jersey remains a welcoming place for everyone!

New Jersey has laws that protect individuals' rights to bring their emotional support animal (ESA) into public places. This means that in many situations, such as restaurants, stores, and other venues, ESA owners are not only allowed but encouraged to take their pets with them. Here is a list of some of the public places in New Jersey where people can bring their ESA:


  • Restaurants
  • Stores and Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Movie Theaters
  • Public Transportation (e.g. buses, taxis, trains)
  • Airports
  • Parks and Outdoor Areas
  • Campgrounds
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Government Buildings (e.g. city hall, post office)


It is important to remember that not all public places may be pet-friendly or allow ESA's. It is always best to check the rules and regulations of any venue before bringing an ESA in order to ensure that everyone remains safe and comfortable. Additionally, it is important to remember that the owner of an ESA should always make sure their pet is well-behaved and supervised at all times. Doing so will also help ensure that owners remain in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Yes, you can bring your ESA to a hotel or restaurant in New Jersey! Just like Arya Stark bringing Nymeria back into her life, you can now bring that furry companion of yours to all of your favorite places. But we recommend double checking the rules and regulations with each business prior to arriving with your companion. That way, everyone is on the same page and can enjoy a wonderful experience! Happy travels! 🐾🐶✈️😊

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